About US

Viraat PC is the leading and the prime distributors for Polycarbonated sheets in Bangalore. We offer a varied range of Poly carbonate sheets ranging from Hollow Multiwall, Solid Multiwall, Embossed and Corrugated Sheets. Our aim is to create an environment friendly products that implements natural resources in the slightest proportions. Poly carbonate is the alternative chosen for the detrimental effect the conventional building materials have given.

Our standards comply with the international standards and have appealing features and have replaced glass which had lower durability yet higher cost of purchase and installation. Our roofing solutions are of different styles and will be customized to fit your needs. Our professionals are also trained to evaluate and analyse the essentials of modern roofing and hence they design products based on our customers requirements.


Our team at Viraat PC aim to provide our clients worldwide the best polycarbonated sheets available. We aim to be the sheet experts, by investing in the training of our team. We provide a very safe environment to work in, satisfying all kinds of the requirements and providing qualifications for our team such as orientation and training.

  •  We give them variety of options by exploring their needs
  •  We aim for efficient fast deployment at a cost effective model.


We will set the standard for excellence in roofing through polycarbonate sheet deployment. We will provide unique value to our customers. We will continuously work towards the improvement in the different needs of the clients by exploring their demands and needs. All our dealings are with integrity and professionalism.

  • We strive to satisfy our customers in all of their aspects
  • We aim to solve problems by providing extensive technical knowledge

"To give you the best benefits of Polycarbonate sheets in all kinds of building, roofing and cladding Solutions"

Our Motto